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Tayport harbour café

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Bellrock Tavern

Public House
website: Bellrock Tavern
phone: (01382) 552388
“The Bell Rock Tavern” is named after the Bell Rock Lighthouse. First lit in 1811 & built by Scottish Engineer Robert Stevenson.
The rock on which it is built is called “The Bell Rock” because of a 14th century attempt by the Abbot from Arbroath install a warning bell on it.
The rock was the scene of many shipwrecks as it lies just below the surface of the sea for all but a few hours at low tide.
According to legend, the bell lasted only one year before it was removed by a Dutch pirate. A more plausible explanation has it that it simply washed away.
“The Bell Rock Tavern” or simply “The Bell” has stood on the same spot, on Dalgleish Street, in the Heart of the Community since 1887. A Tayport directory of the time lists it as a “Spirit Dealer” (pre naming of the establishment to Bell Rock)

Cobbies Inn

Public House
website: Cobbies Inn
phone: (01382) 552011

Tayport Arms

Public House
phone: (01382) 550088

The Auld Hoose

Public House
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Kum Lee

Chinese and European Dishes to Take Away
phone: (01382) 553811
Sun – Thurs: 4pm – 10:30pm
Fri – Sat: 4pm – 11pm

New Shanghai

Chinese Meals to Take Away – Fish & Chicken Bar
phone: (01382) 552371
Open Every Day from 4pm to 9:45pm

Zara Balti House

Indo-Pak Tandoori, Take Away
phone: (01382) 553095
Open Seven Days, 4pm – Till Late