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Following the departure of Martijn Schenning, Tayport Tennis Club will continue to offer a re-stringing service through Kevin Chisholm. The re-stringing service offered continues to be extremely competitive in relation to services provided by local stringers and sports shops. Re-gripping and over-grips are also available.


Product Thickness Price
Pro's Pro Synthetic 1.30mm 10.00
Wilson Synthetic Gut 1.30mm 12.00
Wilson Sensation 1.30mm 15.00
Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 1.25mm 16.00
Hybrid of 2 Strings - 16.00

Other strings to suit your needs can be arranged, please contact Kevin Chisholm to discuss your requirements and obtain a price:

Why have your racket re-strung?

As a general rule, you should re-string your racket as many times per year as you play per week. This will ensure a minimum standard of string performance. Typically, strings will 'bag out' and lose most of their life after 30-40 playing hours (if they don't break first). This is a gradual process, so many players don't notice it until they have their racket restrung.

But what if you haven't used your racket?

It is generally thought that after 6 months of inactivity, your racket is in need of a re-string as the tension loss is such that the playing characteristics of the racket have changed.

What tension should you string your racket?

A lower string tension will produce more power at the expense of control. This lower tension is also better for your arm and shoulder as their will be less vibration through the frame. Higher tension means a tighter stringbed which will give more control but less power. Furthermore, thinner strings have more grip on the ball and will produce more spin.