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We're not big on rules. Instead, we would encourage you to consider the Ten Commandments of Lawn Tennis every time you play.

Lawn Tennis - The Ten Commandments

  1. In attitude be serious, competitive, pleasant and well mannered.
  2. Always there will be stronger and weaker players than yourself. Treat them with equal respect and courtesy.
  3. Win or lose graciously, accepting your victory or defeat with dignity. Bad temper and melodrama have no place in this sport.
  4. Irritating time wasting and off putting tactics are totally unacceptable.
  5. Bad line calls and fault serving creates ill feeling very quickly. Make sure YOU are always scrupulously fair.
  6. Make sure you understand the rules of the game. A few are obscure but most are straightforward.
  7. Should you be faulted by an umpire and you genuinely do not know why, politely ask - Then acknowldge the answer. At the end of the match as well as thanking your opponent always thank the umpire.
  8. In a game without an umpire should you feel that you are being cheated by your opponent Do Not Get Angry. Quickly report to the referee and explain the situation.
  9. Always remember that many eyes and ears are watching and listening. Your reputation is in your own hands but never forget that you are an advertisment not only for yourself but also for your parents, teachers, coaches and the club to whom you belong.
  10. One further essential - ENJOY YOUR SPORT