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If you are thinking about joining our club, then please visit the courts on Thursday or Sunday evenings at 18:30. On these days there is team practice (weather permitting). For just 2 you can join in and see if you like the club and members decide whether you want to join our club.

Membership Fees: Season 1st April 2014 - 31st March 2015

Membership Type Full Membership Winter Membership
(October 1st to March 31st)
Family (max. 2 Seniors) 150.00 N/A
Senior (18 to 64 years inclusive) 75.00 37.50
Junior (11 to 17 years inclusive) 22.00 11.00
Tennis Tiger (10 years and under) 16.00 8.00
Senior Citizen 52.00 26.00
Single Parent (in receipt of benefit) 52.00 26.00
Student 52.00 26.00
Unemployed 52.00 26.00

Want to join? Please fill in a Membership Form and send it to the Tayport Tennis Club Treasurer:

Mandy Strachan
25 Albert Street
Tayport, Fife


OR contact the Tayport Tennis Club Secretary:

Vanessa Rengger

Telephone: (01382) 552 969